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Survived, Thrived.....Jived?

As the EPIC year of 2022 finally comes to close, we are doing the heaviest of decompressing at Camp Nitz. Like your overused memory card, we are finally offloading and getting the rest we need. December has felt like both the longest and shortest. So many amazing things happened to close out this year. We measure our success by your success and well, you all crushed it! Seeing our friends booking commercials, finding themselves on billboards or popping up on TV fills us with the warm and fuzzies. I mean even just getting that callback after coming in for a self tape, say it with me. "A WIN IS A WIN!"

Speaking of wins, our Emmy winning DP Stephen Nitz welcomed home another Emmy win for diversity, equity and inclusion in short-form content with "Logan's Story." If you haven't seen this gorgeous and important story, CHECK IT OUT HERE. We're so proud of you!

Perspective is such a wonderfully fickle thing and this is the time of year we all take part in the the annual "look back." Rewinding the year, making recap reels, or photo dump tik-toks, we all try to take a broader view of what the past year was. I can't speak for everyone here at Camp Nitz but personally, my year was incredibly inspiring and transformative. I wonder though, the thoughts of my colleagues:

3 Main Take-Aways From Our Staff Members

"I'm going to learn to how to read this year. That way I can know how to look up everything I need to in high school."

Sage, 5

Head of Security

"It's important to prioritize your own mental health. Its like when you're on an airplane and they say you have to put on your own mask before helping anyone else but the mask is happiness. You're in charge of your own happiness."

Stephen, 34


"I learned that prayer and the power of thought is a lot more real than I had ever given it credit for. We deserve to take time to be still and sometimes being still is being productive."

Sierra, 32


Compared to years past, we were really out and about this holiday season. Just thinking about all the inspiring, fun, and talented friends we've made over the last few years fills us with "Won't He Do It" attitude. Being able to share meals, laugh, explore, and dance with you got us feeling so blessed and festive.

Holiday Pics

Started the holiday party season off on the right foot with the 13th Annual Champagne and Sequins party at our friends Molly and Timmy's.

(aka the best house party throwers in Chicago)

This year Santa surprised us with a post holiday warm front. 50 degrees in December was all the motivation we needed to get out of the house. Enjoying the best free activity in Chicago, Lincoln Park Zoo, was a no brainer. Never one to miss out on a party, Sage rang in the "Noon" Year at Double Clutch Brewery with a room full of friends and music from Mary Macaroni.

Anytime a party starts after nine o'clock, I'm skeptical and its been years since I've made it to the clock striking twelve on NYE. Making it out to Soho House for a much needed "ladies night" was the final pleasant curveball of the year. With a head full of glitter and a belly full of laughter we rang in the new year surrounded by love and some high vibrations.

Thank you to everyone who made 2022 so memorable and transformative. Camp Nitz loves you.

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