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Director of Photography, Stephen Nitz

Camp Nitz is a family-owned business that caters to quality-driven artists, persons, or businesses. Co-owner and director of photography, Stephen Nitz, guides each production with the wisdom and technical skills acquired after 10+ years in the industry.  You may have seen his work on Disney, Natgeo, Hulu, and WGN. In addition to working alongside industry titans, Stephen is a 2 time Emmy award winner for his editing and producing. 

Managing Director,

Sierra Campbell

As co-owner, managing director, producer, studio stylist, assistant editor, and model coach, Sierra Campbell wears many hats for Camp Nitz. As an agency represented actor and model for Stewart Talent, she's landed leading roles for Disney, Burger King, Amazon, Kohls, Kitchenaid, Campbells Soup, Overstock, Dell, and many others. Learning with each step from audition to set, Sierra shares and teaches by utilizing her lived experience.  

Our Mission

To be a helpful, safe, and reliable studio for all artists. To offer the highest quality of work while amplifying the voices and visions of our community and being an active member in establishing a more fair and inclusive world. At Camp Nitz we believe the beauty is in the collaboration. We hope to create something beautiful with you soon!

Contact / @campnitz

1646 Payne St, Evanston, IL, 60201

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